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    Lewman Electric LLC has been built almost entirely by referrals.  This just goes to show how qualified and efficient we really are. We guarantee our work because we know we do it right.  If you are in need of electrical work by a qualified electrical contractor, call Ryan at Lewman Electric.

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    ewman Electric LLC is a fully licensed and insured electrical contracting company.  Based in Lakeland, FL, we proudly service Polk County, Hillsborough County, Orange County and surrounding areas.  We are pleased to provide excellent, top-notch service to residential, commercial & industrial clients alike. 

    About Us

    Looking for a professional, efficient & qualified electrician?  Look no further! 

    Lewman Electric LLC has proven time and time again to our clients that we are far more efficient and qualified than any other contractor in the area.    Lewman Electric LLC has built a reputation for professionalism & prompt personal service. 

    No other company can beat the personal service you receive from us.  When you call Lewman Electric LLC, Ryan Lewman  will personally come to give you a bid as we continue to strive to give 200% to each client.  

    Lewman Electric LLC is qualified to do any type of residential, commercial or industrial electrical job.  Ryan Lewman has years of experience climbing the (electrical) 'corporate' ladder prior to starting his own company.  His experience over the years as a master electrician and as an electrical contractor include everything from hanging plasma TVs and ceiling fans to home rewires and complete electrical installs in industrial mines.  Ryan's expertise in the field have proven exceptional.

    And....UNLIKE  other electrical contractors, Lewman Electric LLC will NOT charge a fee to come out and look at a job;  AND, More often than not, for residential jobs, Ryan is able to provide you with an estimate over the phone.   As per Ryan's perfectionist style, each electrician working for Lewman Electric LLC is highly skilled and extensively knowledgeable. 


    More often than not, Lewman Electric LLC is called to repair, reinstall or bring up to code, something that another electrician had already 'repaired'.  SAVE YOUR MONEY!  We'll do it right the first time so you don't have to call electrician after electrician.   Also, under most circumstances, Lewman Electric LLC charges by the job, not the hour.  So, you know up front what your cost will be no matter how many hours we work.  No hidden fees means you can can rest easy that you won't be hit with an additional bill at the end of a job.



    Choosing the right electrical contractor can sometimes be a headache.  We'd like to offer some suggestions of questions to ask to help you in your decision:

    1.  Is the contractor licensed and insured?  Find out if the contractor you are interviewing is licensed and insured.  Electrical contractors are REQUIRED by state law to be properly insured to protect himself as well as the homeowner.  Lewman Electric LLC is licensed, bonded and insured.  You can check us out at
    to verify our information. 

    2.  Is the contractor qualified?  Often, people will advertise themself as a handyman/electrician.  Mostly, illegally.  Since we work with dangerous electrical currants and wires, it can sometimes be a dangerous job.  Becoming an electrician takes much more than being able to hang a fan and screw in a light bulb.  It takes an understanding of electricity, a deep knowledge of local codes and extensive training and schooling to be properly qualified and skilled in the field.  Ryan Lewman spent years learning and fine tuning his trade.  His abilities allowed him to soar in the industry as one of the best electricians.  He will get the job done right the first time.

    3. Who has the best price?  We welcome clients who want to price shop and we guarantee that we will provide you the best service for the best price.  Lewman Electric has a very low overhead since we do not employ handfuls of half-qualified electricians to do the work for us.  This enables us to give you the best price always.  If another contractor does give you a better price, we strongly encourage that you find out how the job will be done and if the other contractor left anything out.  If you let us know, we would be happy to offer suggestions of things they could have missed to make the price lower.  For example, if a job is bid lower, it is almost certainly because the other contractor missed something and you will more than likely either end up with a poor job or be charged for the extra work at the end.  Ryan is extremely thorough and will get the job done correctly the first time with no hidden fees.

    Too often, we receive calls from property owners who have been 'taken' by another electrician pretending to be an electrical contractor. Whether you hire us or someone else, protect yourself and make sure you hire a licensed contractor. There is no such thing as having a license and NOT being a contractor. A Master Electrician is a certification, but not a license. To find out if the electrician you hire has a VALID license, here are a few pointers to save yourself a high bill and a headache:
    -Ask them if they are licensed to pull permits. If they say no, they have no license at all.
    -Ask them for their license number. Then, (don't ever take their word for it. Many will give a fake number to sound licensed.) take that number and VERIFY it at


    Lewman Electric LLC
    2930 Barneys Pumps Pl
    Lakeland, FL 33812
    (863) 398-0495

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